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Very strict and critical… most of the time.
Muy crítico y estricto… la mayor parte del tiempo.


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There is only room for one god in this lab ...

Posted : 6 days, 2 hours ago on 28 November 2021 01:02 (A review of Fringe)

... and it's not yours.

English is not my native language so I apologize for the errors that are bound to exist.

Would I recommend Fringe?

Well … Yeah, but is complicated.

Very much like Buffy, you have to go through a shitty start (a season and a half in this case) to get to the good stuff, later to the great stuff, to then lose some steam and end with a disappointing yet not bad finally.

Fringe is kind of an episodic show, very much a procedural, then turns into sort of a spy show, goes back to procedural and ends up being a rebels vs empire, all of these facets with lots of sci-fi shit.

At the beginning, the show suffers from not enough focus on character, specially from the episodic stories, so you don’t really care about the people committing the crimes or the people investigating them. They focus to much on how cool or weird are the sci-fi stuff and on the investigation, and not enough on the most important part, the part that makes you care.

It also suffers from stupid behavior, characters that are supposed to be competent or really smart being fucking idiots when the plot needs them to, which allows the stories to continued, it happens with the episodic ones as well as the larger plots. Is all very shitty.

And I would not forgive the treatment that Gillian Jacobs got. Bastards!

Of course, is a J.J show, despite the fact that his involvement from a writing perspective is limited to co-writing two episodes during the shitty part of the show and co-creating the lore. In J.J. Abrams fashion, the show has a lot of mysteries that promises is going to answer. They do, in fact, answer them. Not absolutely all of them, but those ones are really not important. The big ones are all there.

The big reason I would recommend Fringe is the existence of Walter Bishop. Even when the show was shit, he still was really good. It was weird, like there was a writer who only wrote him and then fuck off.

Walter is a complex character who constantly has to face the damage he has done when he was a different man, a scarier man. He is not all there in the head, which causes both funny and sad scenes, besides creating some mystery and character exploration. He’s funny, he’s clever, he’s goofy, sweet and energetic, and of course, very, very interesting.
A thoroughly entertaining and memorable character.

With time, the majority of the main cast gets enough development and exploration for them to work and leave a mark, but at least for me, I did not care much for them. Except for Astrid, who is really sweet and clever, and has a good friendship with Walter that I wish it was explored a bit more.

Main characters and others are not evil just because, which is really great. Is all very layered.

Anyway. The show looks good, the acting is usually good, bla bla. And despite mistakes, has a lot of good stuff in it, and season 3 is particularly good. Almost every episode in season 3 has good stories that are thematically related to the characters or the world.

And the characters are usually very smart, which was very shocking to me. I was so confused, it all happened so fast, the quality just jumps halfway season 2. Is almost like the writers were force to write those early episodes.

And, surprisingly, "Peter" is one of the best episodes of television ever made. It was a surprise cause it was in Season 2.

By the way, the scientific mumbo jumbo is very funny cause, you google the explanation they give in the show and surprise, it does not work like that.

The ending is rushed thanks to the cancelation, but the character work is on point and none of them get destroyed. And that’s the most important part.

As a whole, the show works enough to deserve a passable note… for now.



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It is a nightmare that bad writers get work.

Posted : 2 months, 1 week ago on 23 September 2021 05:30 (A review of The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf)

English is not my native language so I apologize for the errors that are bound to exist.

Is a bad film.

There's 3 important points.

1. Witcher training: Is fucking ridiculously dumb. They trow a bunch of kids into a swamp full with monsters, the majority are fucking slaughter, because of course they are. But, the ones that survived are “Witcher material”. That´s so stupid. How about you trained them correctly until they are said material. I mean, fucking hell. One of them lose his arm, it if wasn't for that, he will be 100%.

Not all of them are surviving the herbs, keep them alive until then.

Is such a horrible system that has no reason to exist.

We don’t even get to see how the shit ended.

And, by the way, they make them trained with real swords, instead of practice ones. Stop doing that, please.

2. Tetra: She creates a big problem. The funny thing is that we can eliminate one of her scenes and everything gets better. She's is shown fucking a mountain up. If she's that strong, who can face her? Not many people, no one in the film. And yet, she loses, no because she gets outsmarted or anything like that, is just that she's really stupid.

Vesemir gets put into a trance or illusion, where, obviously, he’s defenseless. And yet, nobody attacks him, not even her that hates him so much.
Is not like it was a random fight or something, they went there specifically to kill Witchers.

Yes, her magic takes time, but not that much, and he was under the illusion far longer than the 45 seconds that it took her to dance before. And then, he gets put under another one, given her more time.

Yes, Tetra could have taken down Kaer Morhen using that magic, with the protection of the monster and the humans as meat shields (makes no sense that they are working together but okey) and the time that they can make for her.
But, I think that she probably prefers to kill them directly, after all, she really hates them.

Although, taking into account how incompetent the writers are, is more likely that they did not thought about it. So, I’m writing the film for them, because there is no line that I can point to. But, I still think is fair to assume that.

Now, her motivation … Yes, it makes sense, but is so childish. Instead of hating that particular Witcher, she hates all of them. And that's the easiest thing to write for a story like this, and is lazy and lacks nuance and is fucking boring.

That kind of stuff works better with a character that learns that not all are the same.

Racism is not good, kids.

3. The other big problem is Deglan. The fact that he makes chimeras is the only reason there’s a plot. Is a dangerous decision because its screams that there’s an intelligence behind it. Is very suspicious. Just produce monsters in mass, that's going to be easier to hide.

Is not necessary to make super beast, but if he really wants to make them more dangerous, he could just make them a bit bigger, improve the claws and shit, stuff like that. People can assume that they “evolve” for some reason, if they even notice it. Or perhaps there bigger because they been eating better or some shit. I don't know, I'm not a biologist!

Deglan didn’t strike me as a retard, I assume there’s a good reason as to why he is the leader. It seems to me is just a reason to have a plot, and that's contrived and bad writing.

Maybe Tetra is the one making monster and incriminating Witchers, that way having a reason to eliminate them, getting her revenge.
That if you want to keep that plot, she could just be a Witcher hunter.

4. As an extra, Kitsu. She’s not so much a character, but a plot device. She’s just there to let them know about the mutations and to be use to bring all those monsters to Kaer Mohren. She appears out of nowhere, we never get to know her normal to like her and stuff. Her only reason to exist is to be useful for the plot. And that's lame.

And that's it. There are good things, like some relationships (Illyana is good) and the animation. The fact that a lot of the monster aren’t stupid and easy to kill like the ones in Castleshit. The villains at least have an understandable motivation, even if there’s not much to them as people.

Vesemir has a character and a thing that could be explored, but it not really explored. You know, his love of coin as the only thing that matters. Is not the case, he clearly cares about other stuff. But they don’t give him a choice between money and a moral act. Or a regret about a time he chose coins instead of saving someone or a relationship. Is not like his deeply sad and thinks a lot about Illyana. There’s no scene in which he regrets the life decision he took.

Is not like there’s nothing, but is not enough. The movie is too fucking short.

And Tetra also suffers, because there’s the thing about believing she’s clean of flaws and stuff, but is the one scene, and nothing after that. Her motivation is entirely emotional and there’s not any exploration of her as a person.

I can’t really empathize with these people; I barely know them.

God! Is a 4.


PS: The Gerald thing was laughable.

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Not very good. Hear me out.

Posted : 6 months, 1 week ago on 27 May 2021 08:16 (A review of Berserk)

English is not my native language so I apologize for the errors that are bound to exist.

Originally written in May 26, 2019.

WARNING, WARNING. This might be long.

This review is going to be centered around a particular aspect: realism.
Is dark fantasy, I know, but with limited fantasy elements. Because of that, I hope that it would try to be as realistic a possible with the other aspects, to help you immerse in the medieval atmosphere. But no.

Realism is good. Makes things more complicated and serious and dire and all that cool stuff. You know. Is one of the reasons ASOIAF is so fucking good. The politics, regular life, war, you name it.


Well, is not trying to be that fantastical either. So, the fact that they cut through armor like is not fucking there, pisses me off.

Is for spectacle, I know. But it makes thing more boring to me. Is not even Guts who does this, ALL of them do. Like is fucking clothes!
Hey! Even padded clothes can give you some protection against swords. So, the fact that metal amour can’t do shit, pisses me off.

It gets in the way of the story. Griffith gets shot with an arrow (episode 9). That would not have happened if the animators and writers didn't think that armor doesn't do shit. An arrow is not going to have an easy time piercing armor. You see, armors were very good at their job. They wore it for a reason.

Is probably Miura´s fault, anyway.

Shoot the bastard in the head or the neck or in any other moment when he’s not wearing the armor. The killer could miss; even tho he’s supposed to be really good. But still, more acceptable. Nobody is perfect.

Maybe Griffith goes to one knee or something, and the arrow flies above him. Convenient, yes, but still better. That´s how bad it is!

Is not impossible, but not in the goddamn breastplate.

You know what? They could have poison him. Or push him from a balcony.

“Sorry. I guess the hawk can't fly”.

You attack him on the street, a robbery gone bad. Better that a hunting accident. There were people around him, they didn't see no fucking deer. What if they catch the killer?

“Sorry, sir. I confused this white-haired man in a suit of armor with a deer. I know, I’m as surprised as you”.

Hand to hand combat is less entertaining when you ignored the efficiency of armor. The characters attack without thinking, without a strategy, without tactics. And because armor doesn't do shit, they have to think even less.

It seems to me, it will be more fun to see them suffer, sweat and use their heads to make the enemy trip up and fall, to then stab their eyes through the slits of their visors. Or to find other ways. Or hit them with a war hammer in their faces. Or throw hot sand or hot oil. Or shoot them with cannonball.

Hey! That would be useful. Why don’t they use more cannons? They have them. I remember two from early on. But they mysteriously disappeared after that. I guess they realized that cannons fuck castles up and make them obsolete. Well, too fucking late. I can’t stop thinking about all the moments where they could have use them.

What next? Right. The strategies and military tactics are … competent? Is hard to give them too much weight, because the rivals are all retarded. You know who I mean. Tall, muscular, with a funny haircut; a very incompetent commander. And yet, despite that, he’s decorated and they keep giving him missions. Amazing!

He loses a castle in episode 8. Leaving aside that the design of the castle is inefficient despite being an important one and being in a place where the natural protection is not perfect. The way that it is captured, is stupid, and pisses me off.

The offensive strategy is okay … until a certain extent. They get in through a door because the guards don’t ask for any certificate or think twice before opening the door to people they do not know. Very incompetent, and to think that these are the people in charge of this important castle. Lazy writing, my friend.

The battles are generally not good, there´s no strategy in open field. They do think a bit when they take places, but these just work because every enemy is dumb. Griffith doesn’t need to think much. And that’s why is really hard to believe that he is a great general. He’s not. He’s at best competent. He just happens to be surrounded by idiots.

But wait! It gets worse. In episode 15 and 16 we get to know the impenetrable castle that has NEVER been beaten in a hundred years. The castle is again badly design, with no full working battlements, no gatehouse, among other things. Again, the offensive strategy is okay … until a certain point.

Besides the fact that the Band of the Hawk send their cavalry with just swords, the fucking idiots. The problems are the ineptitude by the castle defense and plot armor for the Band of the Hawk. At least some kind of armor works here.

The Chuda army or what that fuck their called, leave the door open with two guards in front … Are you fucking kidding me? That’s so dumb. Is also a problem that nobody notices that little hawk group trying to sneak. Yeah, there was a little sandstorm, which is very convenient, but I guess Griffith knew it would happen despite not being told this.
He can predict the weather, fuck it.

Anyway! There is a tower call the watchtower, use for ... watching stuff. You want me to believe that no one could see them or hear them? They were on horseback … riding! They were not even walking to make as little noise as possible. If is there not a watchtower, then is a massive design problem in such an important castle. Anyway, why is there no fucking archer or crossbowman in the battlements? Is stupid, and pisses me off.

They get in, and a little group has been left inside under the command of the more stupid and ridiculous character of the show. I don’t need a comic relief in the antagonist side in such high command. It kinda reduces the danger, don’t you think?

What a horrible military administration. Is a stupid decision to leave something under the command of fucking Adon. How that fuck he has such a high rank? Christ!

The castle looks pretty big, and knowing that the hawks are few in comparison, is stupid to send all of your troops outside. Is stupid already to send you troops outside of your protection. We barely see the battle inside and without really knowing how, they win.

BUT THE NOBLEMEN REALLY WANTS TO FUCK HIM. He could just have leave the entire Band of the Hawk die trying to take the castle, and when the commander, that if he has a brain will be running away, send your troops to captured him. That way he could have fuck him and at the same time, looks smart. Is that too much to ask? Bloody hell!

Every enemy is retarded. It smells like convenience instead of a character flaw. His emotions are not enough for being so incompetent. There was no reason to risk anything. And lets no forget, he’s fucking plain and boring. What a great villain.

Outside of the castle, the Band of the Hawk manages to hold a superior force, better protected, better armed, better fed, better trained and way more numerous. Like I said, when is an open field battle, there’s no sign of strategy or tactics and the Band of the Hawk has so much plot armor that hurts … And pisses me off. We don’t even get to see the fight!

In the same episode, 16, Adon lets loose a poisoned arrow into Casca. She gets a little bit tired, but nothing really happens at the end. She doesn’t die or gets sick. Even his poisons are shit.

There is no tension because the hawks fuck everything easily. Specially Guts, killing dozens and dozens of fucks all on his owns. I mean, the guy killed a hundred men. Oh boy, episode 13 in the forest. I come to accept that Guts is superhuman, despite that making everything more boring. But why didn’t they shoot arrow after arrow if nobody could beat him at close? I so stupid! A hundred men? They ALL die because you could not fucking loose some arrows. I mean, if the first ten die, is time to change your approach. I guess it doesn’t matter, after all, his cape stops arrows! WTF. Armor cero, cape one.

Guts should have die.

Then the show goes okay. The Queen and the conspirator die without any character exploration so I don’t care. They decide not to jump to safety and a few broken bones and instead they stay so they can die burn to dead. Kinda shit. I seem better in basically everything. Well done, guys.

Later on they have to rescue Griffith. Again, Guts is so fucking boring wining easily. And again, no one thought of shooting some arrows until it was too late. The same thing happens when daddy hawk gets captured again, and that makes even less sense because it was open field.

And the scene ends, they win, and we don’t get to see how. And they all survived.
I’m starting to see a pattern.

“In this world. Is humankind destiny controlled by an entity or transcendent law? Could it be the hand of God? One thing is true, every enemy, is fucking retarded.”

Can we fix Adon? Yeah. His father could be high rank and he’s forcing Adon’s presence. But even there it would be a line and Adon would have crossed it. He would be sack!

Animation is weaker that I remember. Mouths open and close, is like they’re not actually saying anything. Is weird.

The main trio is weak. Guts is still decent, I guess, personality wise. Griffith is mediocre because his military side is garbage. The show does not earn the right to make you think he’s really smart. He’s not. I don’t like any of them. I do like Caska, she’s great. There’s nothing on her character that doesn’t work. The rest of the cast is forgivable.

I don’t like it anymore.



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A lazy walk.

Posted : 1 year, 7 months ago on 9 April 2020 02:28 (A review of The Long Walk)

English is not my native language so I apologize for the errors that are bound to exist.

Let’s ignore the mediocrity of this book just because King wrote it. Shall we?
Not even that. Apparently Bachman was his own person.
That´s the best part of this book, by the way.

Doesn’t matter how weak is the characterization of this people. That we don’t get to know them that well as to care for them. That their stories are dull because teenagers aren’t that interesting. That the majority of them don’t have compelling reasons as to why participate in the walk. That they are very forgettable people.

One of the two that really have a strong reason, looks like a fucking idiot by doing this. The chances aren’t that great. He should have think this stuff better.

Why does the walk exist? Pure entertainment, I guess. Not a very good one at that. Is pretty worthless and the end. A waste of people. How many have won? The price is pretty big. I don’t think they can allow that. Is not a very sustainable thing. It is implied that probably all the winners die anyway. It does take a lot from you.

But if that’s the case, I can’t see many people actually going to it when is practically impossible. Do they fake information? I mean, people go and watch this things, so maybe people are able to see the fishy parts. I don’t know, this world is no very well explain.

It feels like King just wanted to have this shit and that’s pretty much it. I’m not able to find reasons as to why the walk exist. Have you? Because “Is fuck up entertainment, like gladiators and shit” is not good enough. Not to be a major premise.

Why do they have to be teenagers anyway? I can’t buy it. Don’t see many of them wanting to go to this shit. At least young adults, but no. Ok. Whatever.

Yeah, you like the theme? Is fine. I like it too, but, you know, I prefer if it was better done. But whatever.

I can’t even recommend it to people who like dystopia because is not very good at that.
Is a very shallow and boring one.

… Yeah. I don’t like this.


I feel I’m being too hard, but the problems of the walk itself really annoys me.

The ending? Is ok. He went crazy. Cool.

The only reason the protagonist won is because is the protagonist. Not a fan of that. I don’t see any reason as to why he would endure more than the rest.
He’s not particularly great or has a powerful reason.

Well... That´s it.


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Don’t do drugs.

Posted : 1 year, 8 months ago on 2 April 2020 03:08 (A review of Requiem for a Dream)

English is not my native language so I apologize for the errors that are bound to exist.

Originally writing in May 3, 2019.

I feel identified with this film. No, I have never done drugs. But my refrigerator also tried to kill me once. It went insane, pull out a gun and told me he will see me in hell, or something like that.
I escaped by pure luck.

Is a hard film. I got no problems with that, I have seen worst things… in my own house.
But is also a very simplistic movie, predictable and exaggerated. Very exaggerated.

Is the descent to hell for absolutely all of the characters. Is focused in seeing how these four people ruin their pathetic lives because of the drugs, and that’s pretty much it. They just want to show suffering. And that’s lazy.
It has sweet moments, but in comparison they are incredible small.

Is completely hopeless, and I don’t have that much problem with it, but they are better addict stories that are more complex and realistic, like Bubbles in The Wire. God, The Wire is so good… Anyway.

Beyond the character of the mother, the best one, I have no fucking idea of why the rest of them got in to drugs. I can get an idea on Wayans, but, it needs more work. They are better options. I feel is a big deal to see how they got to that situation. I need to see it.

No, is not the dreams. They are other ways of opening a business. Harry seems sort of smart, he graduated from something. And if selling is what they wanted, why are they consuming? That’s the first rule, no tasting the product.
Wait, they were already consuming before taking that decision. What that hell?

Character work is alright. They at least have some level of personality, dreams and things they want to do. We do not know much about them beyond that, tho. Is not bad, but not great either.

The mother is awesome. Her character is really sad and realistic. That loneliness, feeling of abandonment, the television addiction, and the memory of old better times, is really hard and real. She, and only she, actually feels really human.

Visually, the movie is great. The directing reinforces what the characters are feeling. They are a lot of techniques. Acting is good. And the score is great. Beautiful. Lux Aeterna.

I don’t think is a bad movie, but not especial either. Is effective in what is looking for, not so much tho, because you can’t really emotionality connect with this people as is necessary. And what is looking for, is a low bar.



The scene when Doctor Connors sees Harry fuck up arm, he calls the police BEFORE helping him. It makes no sense!
He goes to jail for a while until he finally receives some fucking medical attention. WTF
Harry should sued his ass! With that money he can maybe open that business.

Harry is a fucking idiot injecting in the same place even when it looks like shit. Nobody can be that stupid. But if he didn’t do that, he wouldn’t have lost his arm. And Aronofsky wanted to have his edgy finally, and logic wasn’t going to get in the way.

It makes no sense that there is a lack of drugs in New York.
Is the city that never sleeps for a reason.

Nobody notice that the mother is losing her fucking mind because of the drugs?


That´s it.


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Hollywood ruining my chinese drawings again.

Posted : 1 year, 8 months ago on 2 April 2020 02:13 (A review of Alita: Battle Angel)

English is not my native language so I apologize for the errors that are bound to exist.

Excuse my way of expressing. Is not pretty.

Originally writing in May 6, 2019.

What is this crap?
What were they thinking?
Why do so much people like it? I can’t understand it.

The movie is bad. Alita is done kinda competent, and just for that is not horrible.
And I’m feeling nice.

They decided to adapt almost everything instead of just the first volume. That’s why they touch so many stuff and they never develop anything. And that’s why nothing actually matters, because there’s no worldbulding.
How I am supposed to care about anything, if nothing gets properly treated?
I don’t care about the characters. You know why? Because they transform all of them into clichés and they didn’t develop them.

I wasn’t going to say shit about it as an adaptation of one of the greatest mangas ever. I never really care much about that; the most important thing is to be good by itself. That changed when I saw people saying it was a good adaptation. Is not. Fuck, is not.

Apparently being a good adaptation is to replicate a couple of scenes from the manga or anime. I doesn’t matter that it is badly done, I doesn’t matter that they are action scenes and mostly superficial and without real weight. They look similar, that´s enough.

They destroyed the complicated characterization of the characters and they reduced the story into their most based and popcorn elements. How is that good adaptation? They spit into the manga eyes, and then they brutally raped it.

Gunnm is more that an action cyberpunk manga.

By itself is a bad film too. Is moves to fast, doesn’t go deeper into the ideas, and that’s why there’s no reason to care. You may care just because, but there’s no reason to.

Characters are cliché, uninspired, basic and boring. They’re shit. Just shit.
Is almost like the didn’t put any effort in to them.

It has the same problem as the manga, in there it was pretty thin, it had a deeper meaning, here is far, far worst. Gally is a cyborg, so she can reconstruct herself and be better, and that’s why there’s no tension. Nothing can actually happen to her.
Alita beats the shit out of everybody with easy, unlike the manga.

They are a lot of stupid thing in the film as well.

Romance, as usual, is crap. Alita is not an excuse. In the manga she falls in love easily too, but at least she gets to know the fuckers. Fuckers who were human and complex. The guy in this movie is garbage who doesn’t even has a real reason to go to the floating city.
Life down there seems to be okay, unlike the manga, in there, life in the earth was shit. Going up was obviously a good idea.
Here it feels empty.

They barely even spent time together. But they really, really love each other. Bullshit.

Guns are banned, apparently they are too dangerous. Weird, I thought having a metal powerful body was more fuck up.

Well. The film is bad. Is predictable, because it follows the type of storytelling that sells, just like Transformers movies and shit like that. Is generic, empty and all the words I use to describe bad anime.

Looks good? Yeah. But I’m not impressed.
Is it fun? Maybe. I got really bored. And annoyed.

Just because of Alita. She’s not Gally, tho. That woman is amazing.


PD. Does she eats in the manga? Can’t remember. Her body is metal. It makes no sense.

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The best of the DCEU is a bad film. Go figure.

Posted : 2 years, 7 months ago on 28 April 2019 11:29 (A review of Wonder Woman)

English is not my native language so I apologize for the errors that are bound to exist.

Wonder Woman is still the best movie of the DC universe. Which is not saying much because they all suck.

This was originally written in November 26 of 2017. I just make some changes.

It doesn’t look horrible but it looks like PS2 graphics. Is just not that well made.

Careful with the green screen!

Slow motion scenes are overused and it don’t make sense that they used them when they did. It just looks silly.

The choreography is usually okay.

In general, it looks mediocre. Nothing impressive, nothing horrible, just… okay.

The plot is overly simplistic, just go kill the bad guy. Doesn’t construct anything, doesn’t try to go beyond, it stays in the comfort zone, and that’s lazy. Is just lazy. 

And commits one of the worst crimes, it has caricatures for villains. They are evil just because. 
The general is just a cunt and he dies like a bitch. He’s not scary, it doesn’t command respect, is not interesting at all.

What's the deal with the gas that makes him stronger? Why nobody else uses it? 
I mean, that way it would be easy to win the war if he gives it to its soldiers. At least a little bit. 
I guess it doesn't matter, doesn't work for him anyway. Diana kills him very easily. Boring.

At the end of the movie, Ares - who also sucks – dies and the Germans hug, they are no longer under the influence of Ares, they are good again. Because that is how shit goes down in wars.

The movie pisses in his own message, in the face, just like Germans like to do.

But is not a war movie right? It just has one… Lazy.

The secondary characters are stereotypical, they help I guess, but they don’t really matter. If they die, who cares?

Diana is nice, and strong and… nice. She is very naïve because of her upbringing and doesn’t learn shit about humanity nor develops as a person, she stays pretty much the same. She has some chemistry with her love interest whose name I don’t recall, is nice seeing them together. That´s why the relationship is not force like a rape, but isn’t exactly good either. They are the best thing of the film and they are not good. The thing is, every other character is shit.

It has some funny moments and the fish out of water thing was okay. 

The amazons are hot, they dress cool and they are a bunch of sexist, which I like in women.

This review is lazy, just like the movie.

This film s superficial. Is dumb. Is ridiculous and insulting.


I believed in love!

Fuck you!


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Not suitable for pregnant women.

Posted : 2 years, 7 months ago on 28 April 2019 10:41 (A review of Rosemary's Baby)

English is not my native language so I apologize for the errors that are bound to exist.

One of the few scary movies that are good, really good.

First movie of Polanski that I've seen, and let me tell you, that rapist is talented.

Hey, if he makes movies like this he can touch some kids, it´s okay…

Is not particularly scary or something like that. I don’t get scared to begin with. But that’s has nothing against the good writing of the film. 

People get scared from different things. Is enough with the characters feeling the horror, I think.


Is slow, but a lot of thing happen. Every scene is relevant and every dialogue means something. It is always constructing the characters. 

It may not be trilling, but it is well writing.

You know what the danger is early in the movie, that could be wrong for most people, but I can argue that while it's not exactly better, it's just as good as a story where you do not know. There´s is a bomb under the table, but Rosemary is ignorant of it. You don’t know if she is going to notice in time, and you feel unsettled.

And yes, she starts bland, but she grows on you and you want her to be okay. It also helps that she is so pretty and fragile, of course.

And how smart is the danger!



Rosemary is a woman who doesn't have much control of her life. You know the danger, you see how she is being manipulated, you are aware that her husband is in the shit too. She is alone and defenseless. And you suffer.
And when she sees the reality, you know that no one is gonna believe her and that she is in the hands of the danger. And you suffer a little more.
You want to take a shit but it is too good to pause it and you suffer greatly.

The bomb was bound to explode. She being aware didn’t matter. And that makes the movie so fucking good. And sad.

The witches are smart, and subtle. “What does your hubby do?”, “You plan to have children?” In another movie those would have been innocent questions, but not here. Husband is an actor, but unsuccessful. And she is very fertile. Perfect for the plan.

Perhaps too perfect. And that is something that bugs me. Is not a big problem tho.

What a cunt the husband is, by the way. A monster! Let your wife suffer and give your firstborn to a bunch of old diapers wearing shit smelling witches just for a better career and a big lifestyle. Insensible, what a bast… I would do the same thing.

No, no, no. Kidding. I would never give my baby to witches. Somebody else’s, well… No! No. No. Well maybe… No. No.

Where was I?

Everything is part of the plan. Even Terry 's dead. They get just in time to see the body and get to know the future devil 's mama. And they don’t see very sad with her dead. So I agree that they kill her and make it look like a suicide.

Going back to Rosemary, I have problems. She does feel too innocent. Too much. Not reading the books and believing that her thinness was normal. And taking too goddamn long for the rational thing of looking for a second opinion. If the best doctor tells me that peeing blood is normal, and not gonna take it at face value.

It was obvious that doctor Hill was not going to believed her and she should have known. She should just tell him that people wanted to hurt her baby and leave the witch part. And why didn’t she go to the fucking police?

It may be the pressure of the situation, but she does act careful during the way to the doctor and smart during her scape after they bring her back to the apartment. 
So she CAN think. Is a problem, not that big of a deal but…

And in a personal note. This would have never work with me. Because I live under the reasonable idea that the people that surround me are capable of horrible things. Thank 's Tosh.

I would have suspected since the beginning!  

Anyway. Is a good film with a great ending. I do not know why they say it was a twist, I see it coming. But that’s not a problem, not really. 
You don’t need surprise for a good ending. One that culminates with the unstoppable realization, is great as well.

Great choice not to show the baby. Sometimes is better not to show. Let people used their imagination.


Fuck, that Japanese guy look so out of place. And the way he takes pictures. Hilarious.
Is also funny the chanting for Satan. Looks ridiculous. But maybe that’s the point. Satanism is dumb. Just like all religions.



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Actualmente estoy trabajando en un nuevo proyecto y tal vez usted podría ayudarme.

Es bastante sencillo.

Sólo tienes que hacer clic en el enlace de abajo y proporcionar tus 10 películas favoritas.


¡Gracias de antemano! :)
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mirenme, mirenme soy muy estricto!!!!
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