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Very strict and critical… most of the time.
Muy crítico y estricto… la mayor parte del tiempo.

Some ratings are very objective and others are mix.

Algunas calificaciones son muy objetivas y otras son mixtas.

The more solid ratings are the ones that I made reviews of, because I thought about them the most.

Las calificaciones finales son aquellas de las que hice reseñas, porque pensé más sobre ellas.

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Good, but not The Better Place.

Posted : 1 day, 11 hours ago on 26 February 2024 01:04 (A review of The Good Place)

The concepts are much better that the overall quality of the comedy and some of the characters. After Parks and Rec Mike is not making laught that much. It keeps me smiling, but not laughing out loud. Few scenes like the first Mindy one do it for me, and Michael losing his mind in early season 2. But a lot of people do react more pump, so...

Season 3 and 4 are better comedy wise. But all the philosophical and morality stuff are pretty cool and delivered through comedy so that makes it more fun to learn and probably viewers will get interested in learning more, so that's a nice plus.

Now character wise is fine, even good, they all do a job even if it is just being funny. Like the Judge... "Gonna erase the eaaaaaarth".
But besides Eleanor and Chidi, the two other humans of the main group I don't really care for much. I don't like the whole "dumb guy comedy" as a whole most of the time, so that can't help for Jason, but it is kinda worth for the: "Jason figured it out?" and to be more fair, he does have his moments when he is more than that.

Others are okey. Janet is particularly disappointing for me, I hoped we will do something more with her gaining consciousness beyond "I love that guy", and some little jokes, but no. Is basically just that, doesn't get much more complicated.

Plot wise I really appreciate how the show keeps reinventing itself. They use a lot of ideas really quick, they work hard to come up with more and more, never afraid to lead thing where they will logically go instead of stretching a plot. And not settling for the easy answer. They also have good callbacks and don't forget older ideas and bring them back to fit with the current plot.

Eleanor and Michael pretending to be evil and doing the evil laugh together was just... tv masterpiece.

It all functions very well together.

Lastly, i'm curious how there is not mentioning of veganism whatsoever when discussing morality. I mean, not even Chidi. Keeps bringing up almond milk, but fuck the animals we torture to eat, I guess?

Not discussing that when they thought Jason was Jianyu in the dinner episode?

Like, they mentioned bad pesticides when buying an apple, but again, nothing about animals being injected shit to grow faster and meaty o whatever?

I'm not even vegan, but it is an interesting question. Do we value animal life because they can feel pain and abusing them is cruel, or fuck them cause they can't speak or understand big concepts and shit?

Anyway. That's all. The show is good. Is a 7 personally, tho.

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While you were living a fulfilling life...

Posted : 5 months, 3 weeks ago on 7 September 2023 01:48 (A review of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice)

... I was training deflect.

Thanks character limiter. You ruined my title!!

I love Sekiro, but is not quite the game that it could have been, or that I would have hope it would be. There are some issues that I mostly don’t care about, but some that I do, and the ones I don’t care about don’t affect me, but maybe they should, like the lack of combat options.

I just like deflecting.

I mean, the combat system is great, I love it, I’ll deflect night and day, is hot! But there is a surprising lack of combat arts and prosthetics and actual quality to said prosthetics. In my case, I barely use them, they are mostly boring, to be honest. I ended the game with 998 spirit emblems, so, you know.

I’m trying to use them more in newer playthroughs, but they barely make a difference and there is a reason I never felt attracted to them. They are not very useful in important moments or most boss fights. You’ll have a better time using your emblems for Mortal Draw or something like that.

In my case: I used the axe in Hirate state and never again, the shurikens against the shooters surrounding the spear general the first 3 tries and never again. I beat Gyoubu third try without the firecrackers because I totally miss them. I would have use them otherwise, the firecrackers are actually god. The spear never. The flame barrel only with the chained ogre. Mist Raven fucking never, although, it does look cool. You can just dodge, tho.

I did use the Umbrella against Albino Ape, because I’m not running away like a bitch from the terror bullshit. Like seriously, terror? Terror? Instant dead? Really? I’m fighting the fuck, I’m clearly not that scared. I´m face to face with the headless, trading blows like a boss.  I’m not fucking scared! Ter… Ok, just lest move on.

I did use malcontent for Demon of Hatred, because it is the most dogshit fight in the whole game and I wanted it to be over as fast as possible. I mean, I did not choose Sekiro to be fighting like fucking Dark Souls. I… I really hate that fight. I mean, an hour or so is not that long for that fight, I guess, but I was annoyed and bored the whole time. I tried to deflect and have fun but I keep getting burn and I just…

Isshin did make it up for it, tho, thanks the heavens.

And that’s it. Not much use to them. I mean, I upgraded them because I have to, too much money and nothing to use it with, and the ones I actually wanted, were, for some reason, not available unless I upgraded another one that I didn’t actually want to use. WHY? Why are the prosthetics an interconnecting tree? Is annoying.

Anyway, is a universal truth that people only consistently use the firecrackers and that’s it.

The game is not long enough to justify the upgrades for the prosthetics

No smoke bomb prosthetic?

The “best” combat arts are unlocked way to fucking late to actually care or matter for your first gameplay, and the lack of replayability and actual usefulness of said combat arts makes it not really worth the grind to get them unless you just want to experiment. At the end of the day, you will just go back to Ichimonji, because is God. If I beat the game, just gift me the fucking things or at least make a special boss to win an exp box or something.

And why not add the possibility of changing the arts mid fight? Cool combos can arise from that.

Stealth is worthless, enemy reaction is dumb as fuck. The dead bodies of their friends mean nothing to them. And am I crazy or it was supposed to be a mechanic when you hide the corpses to avoid detection? I could swear I saw that. Is half baked, is what I mean. You should deal with the consequences if you fuck up. Like, make it mean something, make it hard.

What else can I complain about? Oh, right. The Shura ending is kinda shit. Why not the Shura path rather? I mean, you make the decision, the game gets cut short, two special boss fights and that’s it. You allegedly go in a path of destruction and mayhem… I would have liked to play that… Like, killing the friends that you made along the game because you are now a killing machine that only cares about the euphoria of the fight, and you can feel both powerful and horrible. And maybe a new combat art tree only for the Shura, a shorter one, probably, but brutal and awesome. Let us feel how it is to be drowned in the horror of war.

I don’t know. Maybe I ask too much.

What else?

Game is too short, specially fountainhead palace, such a beautiful place, over in a half an hour. Fucking LOL. The world does not feel big enough despite the many different places. I loved it to much, I want to spend more time in here.

Genichiro is annoying in the final game battle, but I would have like to fight him more times, as he gets more powerful and learns new shit and stuff, to keep it fresh. Like a whole story boss, you know?

The Bosses attack patrons could have been improved, more diverse and less repetitive. The Resurrection mod show me that.

There’s is also a lack of women enemies… Now I don’t say this a feminist thing, I just want to kill women…

Difficulty: Boss fights. I think the bosses should try to recover their posture like the minibosses do, fuck, even some regular guys do that. I know is easy to disrupt, but they can do it when they are far away or when they stagger you, as punishment for fucking up your posture like a dumb fuck. I feel like it should be possible to code that when they are low on posture they do that, and only when you are low enough on health, they try to kill you after breaking you.

Gyobu’s fight makes no sense. He is supposed to be like a hardcore motherfucker, a very powerful warrior, but he is one of the easiest bosses. I know he is technically the first big boss, but he should be more punishing, at the very least in NG+

The first phase should either force you to deflect his attacks while you can only damage the horse, then the horse dies, and you fight him in the ground in phase two. That would train you hardcore on how to deflect consistently. Or, the horse dies, he eats him and transforms into a centaur that hits you with his giant d…

Isshin should recover posture if he hits you with the Ichimonji if you fail to deflect.

Anyway. NG+ after doing the Shura ending is kinda worthless. What’s the point of having seven opportunities?

If you finish the endings, you should install the Resurrection mod and play it again. Have fun relearning the bosses new moves, vastly different, more varied, way more aggressive, way more fun to deflect, way more effective at making you RAGE. Is Sekiro hard mode. PLAY IT.

That’s enough. This is getting long.

First playthrough is an 8.



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The worst for the end.

Posted : 5 months, 4 weeks ago on 31 August 2023 07:13 (A review of The Last Man)

This one of my most hated books.

Apocalyptic? Mary Shelley? That sounds great!

It wasn't.

I was so excited for it. But it is soooooo boring! Some much flowery language even for the most simple of things.  The story is so simple and basic as well. The most interesting stuff barely last anything. We don't stay to appreciate and explored them, it just gets mention and then we keep moving with this lot of shitty fucking characters. They are all the same!!

And there's nothing particularly insightful about human nature and shit like that to make up for it.

The Last of Us is way better than this.

All the characters are so... God. I hate them all. They are so melodramatic and boring. They have two character traits and that's it. They could have been fine, I guess, but is the narrator and main character that tells us everything about them, and he makes them worst. The Last Man? He should have been the first to die. Fuck that guy!

We always get told the characters personalities, their traits, that are always the fucking same anyway. Every main character is basically the same person, so full of honor and romanticism, such pure souls, so kind, so smart so... Shut up, Lionel! We always get fed the information directly, we barely ever learn something about them through the actual story. You know what I mean?

It makes them all feel so distant and not real that it is really hard to empathize with them most of the time, and because I hate Lionel, the narrator, and his over embellishing words, I care even less.

Perdita is a bitch, by the way. Fuck her too. I might have enjoy her decision, but Lionel fuck it up. It would still be a shit thing to do either way, but at least it would have been fun. Don't abandon and hurt your fucking kids cause you're sad, please.

Lionel started well, just like the plot, he is actually kinda interesting at the beginning, he is kinda of a asshole, he has fury and hatred... but then he becomes just like the rest. Melodramatic, boring, soft, so pure of heart, so unreal. OMG I hated them all.

The first volume is the worst, because you are expecting apocalyptic stuff, interesting stuff, but instead you have to suffer through long nine chapters of melodramatic, overly flowery love stories like the sort of thing you would see in a telenovela. The idea is to show you this people so you care about them later, but it just made me hate them.

The second volume is more exciting, there is war and plague and shit actually happens. But that does not last long and is meh at best anyway.

You don't care about the war, you barely know anything about it, you care only for one main character who's there fighting. But I hate him so I didn't. Glad he fucking died. Yeah. Glad.

The third volume is all about the world going to shit. The thing you were waiting for!! And you get some nice things about people being charitable, helping each other out, nobles and common people alike. A couple of crazy guys. People getting sick and shit. Raiders that one time. But this is all being told by Lionel, we don't lived this things through the pages, the world doesn't feel alive. He just tells us "that happened, and then that happened", so I don't care about it. Because I hate him and all his friends.

Now you might think this is all very subjective. It probably is. But you are gonna hate it too. I have a lot of resistance to "boring" things. But this is fucking dreadful. It feels so dated. No one talks like this anymore, no one behaves like this anymore without being on medication. I doubt they ever did, to be frank. The whole thing just feels fake. And boring. And overly flowery. And Melodramatic. And fucking shit.

I do hate this book, with a passion. But I guess is fine.

Lionel is indeed the last man. Yeah. The worst for the end.

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Jujutsu Kaisen is cursed.

Posted : 10 months, 4 weeks ago on 4 April 2023 02:00 (A review of Jujutsu Kaisen)

Real talk: I saw an image of Maki Zenin from the manga and I was… “that’s a cool design”. Also, I’m the type of guy that would watch something just because there is a hot femme in it. So, it was obvious that I was going to give it a chance. Besides, the animation looks pretty, so why not?

Well, turns out there are a lot of reasons to say no.

The show actually started kind of okay, I mean, I liked it a bit, nothing special but enough to continue. The anime was lucky to have those first 6 episodes, cause, it got really shit afterwards. All of the shonen anime tropes yet again sometimes done worse than usual, which is funny because a character makes fun of tropey cliche horror movies. Talk about self-awareness.

Now, tropey or cliche is not bad by itself, is when writers don’t do even the bare minimum to make it their own. Like the story with the bullied kid, it happens in real life and everything, but the way that was done was almost exactly the fucking same that other bad animes that I seen: incredibly basic, exaggerated, pretentious, sort of nihilistic, very emo shit. What is the unique lens and perspective of the author? Who knows.

“People have no hearts” Is this kid retarded?

The answer is yes, since he thinks that the weird looking dude that brutally murdered some children for talking to loud in an empty movie theater is a good person. I know he’s biased, but Jesus fuck, man.

Now, at the very least that guy gets manipulated by a villain and that could be cool, but again, that was also, very, very, painfully basic. Also, the villain. I thought he was fucking dogshit at the beginning, he had a very common personality for anime villains, that exaggerated childish and bubbly behavior, contrasted by exaggerated sadistic behavior. But, he is a child, technically, so I guess it makes sense, also, he is born of just pure evil emotion. He is a main villain, so I would give him some leisure to develop and be better, but I won’t hold my breath, the anime hasn’t earned shit from me. I’m just extremely good faith sometimes…

That whole arc was boring as fuck, tho, super edgy, super shit. I almost quit.

But no, I stayed for the even more boring tournament arc. Now, I’m not gonna say much about that cause… why would I bother? I fell asleep.

That arc illustrates one of the worst aspects of this show: the sheer inability to correctly deliver information, and giving unnecessary information in bad times. In other words, the exposition is dogshit. And that is the central theme of my thesis…

Not only do characters explain shit outloud for no reason about their abilities and backstories in battle, but they also explain their abilities in internal monologues to… themselves? Like WTF? They do not only make that basic mistake of explaining what every character around already knows, but they also explain in their MINDS shit that they already know about themselves. That’s insane, do you understand?

“I can do this shit, and invoke this many motherfuckers to do this and that…” Who are you talking to, my dude? Stop it.

And they often do it in the middle of a battle, stopping the flow of said battle. That is not how you deliver information in an audiovisual medium. Why are the other characters listening to this shit? I thought you bitches were fighting.

Is the clumsiest and most artificial way of letting the audience know what’s happening or can happen with their powers. I’m not retarded, I can understand what’s happening by seeing it, you don’t need to tell me in the middle of the fight. You can explain later what is not self-explanatory or explain it before in a natural way. Or even during, that could be fine, but it has to be natural, it has to make sense.

“He used it as a decoy and released it?” Yes. I just saw it. Why are you telling me, close eyes? I saw it with my blood-filled eyes because you´re giving me cancer!

“Water? I’m being swept away by the volume and pressure?!” OMG, dude. I’m seeing it. Right now! Why are you narrating? What’s going on!?

I fucking hate that guy. Emo boy is no better, he explains part of his philosophy in the middle of the fight. Why? It doesn’t matter. Just punch him! That was annoying, but the monk guy? Oh, the monk guy…

“I’m doing this for my momma, I can’t lose”. Dude, shut your mind!! “I need to keep pretending” NOOOOOO.

Why are they telling me all the secret motivations for this people and the secret things that they are doing and thinking? Those things are plot twist, mysteries, revelations that allow you to see characters in a different light. But no, the show is allergic to these compelling things, instead opting for letting you know every single thing about them when is not fucking relevant. This is not the time!

What’s the point of Nobara remembering her friend? It means nothing to the story at hand and its just distracting. Just let us know that she REALLY wanted to leave her hometown and way later, when I give a shit and is important, explain why.

One last thing about that episode. I thought the point was to see what would she do in a dire situation like that, what hard choice would she make. But then the protagonist helps her, completely destroying said moment and… then what? I didn’t learn anything. She wasn’t force to act, it got cut so fast. What would she do? I don’t know.

Lost opportunity to learn her way of thinking. She does say something important in the final episode, but there’s no context as to how or why she got there, she just does, which is fine!! But is kinda underwhelming considering that early scene. Does that kid have a sit in her life? Humm.

The only one that matters is the twins story, the rest were not necessary at all. And even that one was bad, very poorly explain. Oh yeah, that’s also the thing, the show is very bad at backstories, they are always so short and vague and could be cut off and lose nothing. The only good one is the one from salaryman. Is was not important for the plot, but it did help to understand him more.

“Liar”, thought Mai.

I’m sorry, is she holding her sister accountable for what she said when she was like 6 years old? Fucking LOL.

Continuing with the unnecessary information in bad moments, another example is the evil brothers of the last arc. We fucking learn that they are at least part human BEFORE the main characterdo, so instead of being shocked that they are not disappearing after death along with them, we already know, so it means nothing. The revelation is underwhelming.

Why tell me their origin story? Huh? Leave it for later, man. Is not important at the moment and it would be WAY more impactful if we learn it along with the characters. Stop telling me the backstories like they're fucking TED Talks… And now that we are on that note. Stop explaining me stuff like a fucking PowerPoint presentation. The glasses guy randomly appears to explain things like the Rat in Horrible Histories. Is dumb.

Another example of unnecessary information in bad moments, is the old guy literally thinking to himself and remembering the evil secret plan he just hatched. My dude, my brother in Ala, can you please stop?

I would say tho, in good faith, it kinda works, cause, spoiler, his plan dies like immediately and is sort of SNK moment when the colossal titan reappears, you remember? When Eren is talking big shit and BOOM, surprise motherfucker!! Kinda like that.

Still, is really dumb. I could and should have happen in real time, like with the meeting, because yeah, is not illegal to not have a mystery or secret plan in certain moments, that’s not what I saying, is just that the show does it all the time. It happens the way that it happens not because is more effective, but because that’s the only way the show knows how to deliver information.

So, that’s my special issue with this show, is probably the worse anime I ever seem in the exposition department. It damages everything it touches. That’s the only reason I wrote this review, because I’m not only complaining yet again about a shonen being cliche crap.

I still think the show has potential, but that could only be my thirst for Maki speaking.

There are some okay stuff, like Todo. I actually… don’t hate him. He was really shit at the beginning, but he actually has an interesting way of seeing stuff. Besides the retarded “what type of women do you like?”, he’s obsession with the idol (that only works for Shinpachi), and his ridiculous personality, he has cool standards for what a friend should be, and he would let you die if you don’t fulfill that. That’s actually interesting.

I’m hopeful for Maki as well.

And that’s it.


PD: I bloody hate Kamo.

PD2: What is up with those after credits scenes? You’re not Gintama, show, you’re not that funny.

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The Doctor without a license.

Posted : 1 year, 1 month ago on 22 January 2023 03:31 (A review of The Thirteenth Doctor)

With the thirteenth Doctor we have a Doctor that killed someone for no reason and let go free a killing AI, to then say that systems are never actually problematic and it just people, which is just plain wrong. She also supported a super corporation without knowing all about them, which were a bunch of fuck up shit, totally contrary to the moral principles of the Doctor. She does nothing to remediate this. All of that in one shitty episode (Kerblam!). 

She is also a Doctor with a childish view on guns, so against shooting, that she champions slowly suffocating and starving to dead as a more moral option (Arachnids in the UK). A Doctor that embodies a fundamental misunderstanding of the gun principle (The Ghost Monument) so much that she won’t let you defend yourself against killer robots with a gun even tho under her own moral system, it is okay to attack them because they can be repair.

She is a Doctor that’s okay with stasis, being trap in the cusp of life and death, when she originally was totally against it. (The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos).
How incredibly obscene, right?

She also comes up with unnecessary dangerous solutions to very easy problems (Resolution). Just take the Dalek of him with your hands!!! She almost kills that guy. 

But that’s not the end, she is also a Doctor who is apparently ok with someone being mistreated and possibly torture because of the color of their skin (Spyfall part 2). She also forgot to save her friends life, by the way. Needed to be reminded of it.

A Doctor that abandons two people she could easily save because she prefers to give a speech to characters who already agree with her (Orphan 55). 

And she is a Doctor who abandons her friend to suffer emotionally alone because is too awkward (Can you hear me?).

She is a Doctor that chose her own life above someone else. (The Timeless Children). Organic genocide is fine if someone else does it, I guess. Tenth was on a similar position with Donna's grandfather, and he chose to die and save him. Cause that’s what the Doctor would do!! Damn it Chibnall, you are a fan of this show!! WHY?

And she is a Doctor that sacrificed a Tardis, a living being for all we know of them; they have consciousness.

AND, AND, she is a Doctor that committed TRIPLE, not double like the War Doctor, but TRIPLE genocide… for no reason!!! There was no reason that would have work, and it didn’t. A Passenger was necessary to end the FLUX. She is so stupid, that for some reason, she thought that tree fleets would be enough to stop a force design to eat the fucking universe. No doubt while doing it, no remorse after it. What in the actual fuck?

Superficially she seems to be the Doctor, but the meat of it is rotten. She did not let Yaz in, never got a proper resolution to the revelation of her past lives, never learn from her mistakes o dealt with anything actually morally grey. She learned nothing as a person, and so did her companions. What a worthless and empty era. So glad is fucking over. What an absolute waste of Jodie and the first female Doctor. Is probably his fault that we have a man again so soon. Goddamnit, Chibnall!

That’s it.


PS: Watch The Haunting of Villa Diodati, only time she truly feels like the Doctor.

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A Signal straight to my heart.

Posted : 1 year, 1 month ago on 8 January 2023 06:05 (A review of Signal)


I just rewatch the show in Netflix and I wanted to share the review I wrote 4 years ago because there are some people who haven't watch it yet, which is wrong, and those people do not deserve happiness until they do.

Now, there’s one issue… just a tiny one. Season 2 isn’t out yet and I been waiting a while for it now and… maybe this year. Yes. This year.

Now, the first time I saw this show it absolutely shattered my world. 

“It did what?” 

Shattered my world!! 

I fucking loved it so much. I still do, it just wasn’t as powerful all around the second time, but still pretty fucking good.

This is a short one, as I don’t want to spoil much.


Signal is a drama-detective show, a procedural where a detective from the present communicates with a detective from the past and together they solved “cold cases” which are cases that happened in the winter. They use a radio for this. Now, you might be thinking that the cases are solved easily because of this, but you would be wrong. They can only communicate for around a minute or so and the cases are solved by good old-fashioned police work, sometimes mundane police work, the boring stuff that is usually not shown, but here is never really boring. Don’t ask me how, Kim is a magician ... God, I love her.

Anyway. Where was I?

Minimal spoilers incoming!


Right. The timey wimey stuff is mostly there to kick start the case, to make it possible, to give it a gentle push, but is never used in a cheap way to solved the case when they hit a wall.

Part two of that is the butterfly effect and all that jazz. Now, writing time travel is usually a very bad idea because it is so hard to do correctly, to make it make sense, but, after years of Doctor Who, I don´t really care that much at this point. Is a flaw, but at the end, if is not that egregious, that obviously wrong that it is stupid, I can be fine with it if the rest is good. And the rest of Signal is very good. The time stuff is good too, I think.

I mean, the outcome is always bittersweet. They might save a person by solving the case or interrupting the killer, but another person dies as a consequence. Someone’s life is always getting fuck no matter what. There’s a point when they even regret doing the thing because so much shit went wrong and they almost quit. There’s a balance, an equilibrium that grounds the stakes and creates powerful drama. Some of that shit even impacts the main characters directly. One thing goes right, another gets wreck.

In terms of making sense, it kind of does. Is a very small “effect location”. I mean, is not impacting stuff in a big way, it does not care about the whole fabric of history and shit, only the lives of the characters related to the case, and how those changes impacted their existences, emotionally and physically. Is quite tight and small in scale, I didn’t notice crazy stuff going on, is all very minimized to avoid said butterfly problems and focus on the good stuff.

I only remember one moment that was kind of weird, because a character almost quits, but the reason it does not do that is because it gets advice from someone else, but that someone only gives the advice cause of future shit. But it can just be that originally there was another reason to stay and I pretty sure that I know what that is xD

Oh, and of course, the very basis of the show is... problematic, it seems to be a paradox, a sort of causal loop. But I mean, the show is not over so...  I trust in Kim.

Lastly, I´m not sure if they are following a rule like Doctor Who with time being in constant flux, capable of changing in “real time” at every point, or a more cause and effect straight line. There’re glimpses of the first one, tho. At least a similar one.


Now, the show has long episodes, but shit is always happening, case stuff and character stuff, learning about them in the past and present, their values and histories, and other present stuff beyond the immediate plot, and … uff.

Both timelines, both plots are happening at the same time in screen. Somehow, is not confusing, because is so competently weaved together that… god I love Kim so much. Writing and directing are on point. The transitions from thing to thing are fucking seamless, is just crazy good storytelling, crazy good television. Always keeps you engaged and trust you to get it and doesn’t explain stuff to you. The acting greatly helps with that.

Is so obvious compare to … I’m also rewatching the Thirteenth Doctors era because I hate myself, and my dad wants to see it anyway. They tell you the traits and conflicts of the characters to your fucking face! Not here, my darling, is all told to you thought filmmaking and acting, as is supposed to be.

Sorry for the detour, I just truly hate… Back to the review.

The cases last more than one episode because of this, is not solely focus on the crime, but in politics and character exploration. Now, there’s a bad side of this, episodes sometimedo not end when the case is over, so, you might want to rest and think about what you just saw, but the fucking thing keeps going. I guess it depend of what you like.

Lastly, the acting is fantastic, so much that a simple and basic character of a grieving mother is so powerfully portrait that you forget she’s not real and truly believed is a non-acting human being crying in front of you. She barely says anything, barely has anything beyond "someone kill my child and I'm sad" in the very few scenes she gets, and is still gut-wrenching seeing her pain.

I’m just saying that I usually don’t care when is just that, but damn.

The music is kinda meh. I used to criticize the repetitiveness of it, but now I feel that gives it that memorable touch, I mean, you hear the music and you immediately think of Signal. It could have achieved that in a different way, with more of a unique sound, but I don’t care that much. I don’t particularly like the sad one, tho, is kinda shit.

The directing is REALLY fun. I don’t think is unique of the show, in fact, is not, but I have never notice it as much in other shows or movies (Memento?). Is not a thing they use a couple of times, is a constant thing, every episode, and is tied to the time stuff.

Is simple, there’s basically a whole scene, but you don’t get to see the whole thing at once, you get little bits of the scene, or the scene from a particular character perspective, or just enough of the scene that is related to the current events or the knowledge the show wants you to have at that particular moment.

For example, you see a character escaping, and then, later, you see how exactly did he escape. So, if you thought that that was to easy, you learn that no, every little detail was well thought of and the show does not take easy routes.

You see a scene and think: “Well, that was all of it, surely”, and then, episodes later, you see even more of it and you´re like: “Oh shit, it was worse that it seemed”. That also applies to seeing a condensed version of the scene, as if it were a “previously in”, with all the heavy hitting moments highlighted, and then watching the whole of the events that feel like a knife slowly reopening the wound.

You might think I’m crazy for hyping a very common narrative style or technique, but its use in Signal is masterpiece levels. This capacity of creating tension, intrigue and “oh shit” when you get more context that makes a previous scene even stronger, a character more complex or tragic, or simply rewards your capacity to remember what happened, is glorious. Is a great back and fourth from present to past that makes everything more entertaining and elevates its content.


Is quite simple: Perseverance, never losing hope, corruption of people and the injustice of the world in which the rich and powerful get away with dark shit. “Is the way of the world, there’s nothing you can do”. Is a serious show, but it has a lot of moments of relaxation. It shows horrible people, but also very nice people, and grey too. It has people that never compromised their values, good examples to imitate, but it also has people who gave all that up for money and moving higher in the ladder.

So, the complexity of the human being is correctly explored.

I would have like to see more exploration of the morality of changing the past and stuff. But maybe later.


Lastly but not least, actually, is the most important thing: Character.

They are very good, okey? Fucking great.

They have defined and different personalities that touches even the way they talk, they are quite human, they make mistakes, get carried away by their emotions, show every range of human emotion, and have views fuel by their experiences. And at least the most important ones, you get to know them well both as people and as professionals (things from their past, their relationships and feelings). They don’t get character development in “real time” but they all had it.

They are not the most original thing in the world, they are born of common archetypes in police stories, but they are so well constructed and portrait that they come to life. They are also not like real police, real cops are just doing a job, they don’t really care that much about justice and shit, in the show they really do. Soo-hyun says that you don’t really get use to seeing a dead body, but real detectives get desensitize real quick. And is fine they went with that, not everything has to be The Wire.

My favorite of the three main ones is Lee Jae-han, the detective from the past, he is simply excellent: he’s idealistic, kind, a real-life hero, a very smart, competent and noble men, but also has his flaws as a person, he is hotheaded, brash, rude, basically socially incompetent, he’s also very eager to get himself kill, and surprisingly insensitive. He is a deeply emotional and sensitive men, but he can really be an asshole sometimes, although is mostly cause he’s kinda dumb in that department. He is also very aggressive and loud, but so sweet too.

God damn, I love that guy.

The bad thing is that the majority of the criminals are just cunts, so, they are not particularly complex. The show makes it up for it with the rest of the characters around and inside the case, but still. 

I have more criticisms that the first time, in the more objective mark, I think is an 8/10.

But, in my heart, is still a 9/10.

Will I ever get to see season 2? Azathoth only knows.

That’s it.


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Not dreamy enough.

Posted : 1 year, 5 months ago on 28 September 2022 04:52 (A review of The Sandman)

More than a review, I just want to complain a bit. Although I guess that’s mostly what my reviews consist of anyway.


The show is kind of cowardly, visually speaking. I mean, wtf is that Despair? I fucking hate it so much. So boring, she's just an overweight woman, regular looking, wearing clothes! She looks like a normal person. She is so weird to look at in the comic, like entrancing and shit, uncomfortable.

I seriously lost my shit when I saw this version, like, I emitted a low almost hearable growl. Alright? That’s big for me.

As a whole the show doesn’t feel daring enough, weird enough, dreamy enough. It looks to clean, to normal, to boring sometimes. Can’t really explain it much better that that as of now, the character design is easier to point out in written form. The extra episodes were much better at this things.

The Endless were the disappointing ones, really. Desire is great, the best one, by far. Not only faithful enough, but the actor looks really cool, like, they have a very distinct face. Perfect smiling.

Dream is just … fine. Just looks like a dude most of the time, not imposing enough, not cool looking enough, you know? Eyes of stars and all that. Weird hair, long robes, and the like. The actor is good so, makes up for it. But I never saw him as something beyond human.

I don’t know what Neil means by “It didn’t work”. I seen some cosplays that get the feel right. But they always say that, don’t they?
And then some random fuck with not even the tenth of the budget does it just fine.

“He has to mingle” he said. Just make the fuck appeared normal to the people around him that he doesn’t want to show his “true” form to, then. Is the viewer you should be thinking about. And you really think people on the street are going to be like: “Look, an Endless”? Instead of just ignoring the weird punk guy? 

“Don’t look at him, Timmy. He is a bad influence. Sodomy is wrong!”

Or, OR, he could just be invisible until he no longer wants to. You know, his like a god and shit. I just feel like there are a lot of ways to work around that.

But of course, I don't really know everything that went down in production.

Now, the controversial one: Death. 

More controversial than Despair, really? Jeez.

People really like her design, like really like it, and they were understandably annoyed at the change. Racist and non-racist alike. They were not happy!

Some were weird, tho, like, they forgot that the Endless have no real appearance.

Now, I do like the design, technically, I’m just tired of it. Not hers in particular, just the idea that every time that a character like that is made, that represents something of that nature, they always go for the pale white skin and the dark hair, you know, the whole gothic look. And I’m done with it, do something different. Other combinations are cool too, dark skin and yellow eyes and maybe white hair work really well. Or other creative stuff that you can do. 

So, I was excited for a different and unique look.

But she is just a black lady, she’s even dressed the same. I mean, make her different, a more African version maybe, or something, anything but the same.
Different clothes, eyes and hairstyle. I just wanted a cool and creative and daring look, not just some pretty woman that looks normal.

She can be approachable with her personality, besides her look, so ...

By the way, if Neil cared that much about diversity, why didn’t he do it in the first place? Humm? HUMMM??

It’s a pretty white comic for the most part.

Tweet that to him.

Anyway, the show just bored me visually. I mean, if not with concepts in human form, when will you make colorful and bizarre looking people in a fantastical magical show? Like damn. I’m not going to dream with these designs.

That’s it.

Gwendoline Christie was like, perfect casting, by the way. Probably the best with Desire and The Corinthian (that guy is really having fun).

Before I go … Was I the only one confused when they saw that Rose Walker was going to be black? Cause that probably meant that Unity was black, but she lived in old-timey London. Are we just going to pretend that they weren’t racist as fuck back then? They are a bunch of racist cunts right now! I mean … Jesus. 

Doctor Who did that a lot, it was confusing. Is that like an English thing? They just like to pretend they weren’t that bad?

Anyway. That it, this time for real. Sorry if I got to political ...

The show is a 6 by the way. Diner episode is still the best, my favorite from the comic as well. That actually captured the atmosphere of the comic, and the first episode did that too, It made me have high hopes that sadly weren’t met.


PS: Why was only one foster parent an asshole? Women can be shit too!

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This shit is gonna haunt you.

Posted : 1 year, 7 months ago on 13 July 2022 03:00 (A review of SOMA)


I just want to explain in fast words why SOMA is great, just enough to make anyone who hasn’t played it yet put it higher in their list.

More than being a great game, is a great experience if you let it.

SOMA is not for everyone; the game asks a lot from you. It needs you to completely immerse yourself in the world to be able to enjoy it at his highest potential, to suspend your disbelief at maximum, to not treat it like a “game” if you know what I mean.

They help you by making it look beautiful, with good music, a great atmosphere, great themes, good characters and a good story, but you have to do your part. You kind of have to play it right. I mean, it makes no sense to play like a maniac a game when you need to be careful, use stealth and absorb your surroundings.

Is kind of a problem, is annoying and it is funny when I see somebody beating the game faster because they just run like crazy and somehow, they get rewarded for it. Of course, they get punish in not actually experiencing things right.

But that’s not the big one. There might be a sense of futility, and annoyance can be born from that.

Choices ARE important in SOMA, never let anyone tell you the opposite, they are, just not the way it usually is. They are not going to affect the story or the characters, you can choose one of two options and the result at the end would pretty much be the same for the story, but not for you, never for you.

The choices in SOMA are questions of morality, the choices in SOMA test your philosophy on life, on what makes us human, on consciousness. Unlike a movie when you see a character make a decision and take action based on hers or his moral principles, in the game, it is you making those choices. Yes, you control Simon, but the point is that you’re supposed to put yourself in his place, you’re the one pressing the button, this are your actions.

Yes, it is a game and that might no be the best thing for you, you might want to have a different ending or a different path, but that’s not the purpose of SOMA. Making those choices hits you harder that watching a film or reading a book would. YOU press the button, and then you see the consequences of your actions.

Yes, the encounters are not that good, the game is not that hard and it is quite short, BUT, very few games can have such an impact on you as a person.

That’s all for this part, hope it is enough. 

Now I want to share a little anecdote of me playing the game, my experience with certain decision.

It is a spoiler so, if you haven’t played the game yet, go away now and play it.

If you already have and like me you are capable of connecting with good storytelling on a deep and emotional level and you still have your memories of your experience close to your chest, you might want to know my reaction to a certain hard decision.



Remember that moment when you get clone and Catherine gives you a choice?

I’m not kidding when I say that I thought about it for forty something minutes or so before pressing the button. It seemed a long time for me at the time, but now, I probably should have thought about it for even longer.

I also google for a bit looking for arguments that I hadn’t thought about. They did not help at the end. 

I made a bad choice, I unplugged Simon II. I clearly thought it was the right choice even tho it wasn’t morally perfect, it just seemed right.

Despite all my time thinking and the complex arguments in my head and in google, I sought comfort in the basic idea of preventing him future suffering.

I mean … He was alone, abandoned, with no possibility of escape and trapped with crazy monster who wanted to kill him. I thought that I would want that to happened, to not suffer, but I can’t  know, not really. I think that. But in the actual moment? I might choose different. 

He still was his own person and I didn’t have the right to choose for him. But I thought I was being kind. Yes, If he wanted to die, he could have kill himself and save himself that pain, but he would have suffer much before that.

It only hit me days later that … I stole from him a good experience. I just couldn't think about every possibility in that moment. Forty minutes and still I was under pressure and could not think to the fullest of my capacity. It was only when I was done with the game that I thought about him finding a sense of peace. Yes, he was alone and abandoned, but the mission was being carry on. He helped save the ark, helped humanity. He fulfilled a purpose, perform a good act. He could have died … happy. And I took that from him. 

It seems so easy and obvious now, but it wasn’t then.

Man, is lucky it is just a fucking game at the end cause, holy cow, that would have severely fuck me up. 

Can you imagine that shit in real life? Oh, by Allah, how much therapy?

I’m done now.


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The Riddler (Paul Dano) review

Posted : 1 year, 10 months ago on 26 April 2022 04:57 (A review of The Riddler (Paul Dano))

I couldn’t come out with a funny riddle for the title, okay! Give me some time.

Anyway. This are some of the things I like.

The scene where he kills the mayor is an excellent introduction. He is clumsy physically, but clever in the head, determined. He stuck to the shadows, like ... well, you know. Parallels, parallels. 

He is a very entertaining villain, his performance is very engaging, his voice, the way he shouts or emphasizes certain words, his way of breathing, his humor in the riddles and puzzles, and the fact that he likes to give chances to people, even though he never had that luck. So cute.

I also like the way that he looks, not just as the Riddler, but as a civilian. Not that I would have had much of a problem if they had used an actor who looked intimidating and tough, or particularly attractive, but I prefer him to look like an average guy, who might get lost in the crowd, who you wouldn't suspect. Most psychopathic criminals don't have a very conspicuous appearance.

I asked myself a question while thinking about his character. Would I have liked it more if it had a moral and ethical code in which it is only allowed to hurt the corrupt and "bad" and that, if someone who is not, gets hurt, that would fuck with him mentally? Maybe, probably I would have written him that way, is more interesting to me, but that doesn't mean that the characterization of him is bad or definitely worse.

It seems to me that he is a psychopath with a mission, a crusade and a grudge. He's going to reveal the truth about the city and its corruption, have fun doing it, take it out on Bruce, and then create real change, using a flood to clean out the cesspool they call a city. In his mind, the city is lost and the system is rotten, there is no way to fix it, much less with more politicians with empty or false promises, it needs a fresh start.

His speech in Arkham is wonderful, I even like it when he starts to sing, although not as much. And I also like his last post. In those two moments you understand perfectly all the anger that he carries inside, how insane he is, how much he has been consumed by revenge, by ... vengeance. This is not a person who fights for justice or cares, he is a crazy delusional piece of shit. He’s lashing out, he is a fringe person, a nobody who wants to be somebody, full of anger, just like his followers. And he is going to kill all the people who are responsible for his misery and make a spectacle of it, while acting like a instrument of true change, like he is more than just a person.


Solid guy.

That’s it for now.


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El Vengeance!

Posted : 1 year, 10 months ago on 26 April 2022 04:35 (A review of The Batman)


I like the idea that he calls himself “Vengeance”, but that some fuck, just for the shit and giggles, called him “Batman” and it stuck. Everyone calls him Batman, now.

"Look, is the Batman! Ooh! What are you going to do? Throw guano at me?"

I wasn't going to write anything. I saw the movie, I liked it, it seemed good to me, I went on with my life. But then I saw some negative reviews, I considered them, I thought maybe it wasn't as good as I thought it was, but then I thought about it, and I think it's still a very strong movie.

Spoilers galore.


There are indefensible things, several errors, which I will talk about first, since it is the most fun for me… Well, if you can defend them, try it, I, at least, did not find a defense. That speaks well of the film, that I wanted to find defenses, it is as if I had seen the quality even if I could not decipher all the reasons that made it.

The huge problem is that Batman should have died after falling after escaping the police station. And if not dead, at the very least he should have broken his back. The fact is that nothing is wrong with him, he doesn't even wake up in pain. Why the hell did they do that scene? No fucking idea.

It also seems to me that the explosion in the church should have caused a little more damage. It didn't have to be that strong, so much that he flights across the room, it's just that way because it looks cool. Maybe, if they could have a higher age rating, it would just blow up enough to severed the DA's head off, in a bloody fashion.

Honestly, the Riddler thinks they're friends, he wouldn't want to hurt him in any way. He puts him in danger, they could have removed the mask, making things difficult.

If Catwoman doesn't miss that shot, which is much easier to hit than to screw up, part of Riddler's plan no longer works and we no longer have those good scenes that follow. I don't think she can fail that, she is not a beginner. As a problem is not very big, but it did not have to go that way. And that the light goes out just at that very moment is quite convenient, it doesn't allow her to shoot him again.

Another thing, just as big a problem, maybe a little less, is Alfred not telling Bruce what the mistake is in El Rata Alada. He tells him that there is a mistake, so he knows what the mistake is, but he doesn't tell him. It seems very strange to me, it didn't cost him anything. He would have saved us a lot of time, potentially.

The last more or less significant problem is that no forensic officer, no detective, not even Batman himself thought that maybe they should check the whole place, his whole house, including under the carpet. The Riddler is a mastermind, he has used explosives before… Wouldn't it be rational to think that he might have bombs there to kill them? At the very least he would have something weird there. It's worth it.

Batman must have at least been suspicious of the fact that he turned himself in, because it was clear to me that the Riddler himself was the "witness." Batman holds him in high regard. "He doesn't make mistakes," he said at one point. It seems to me that it is a little problem, a contradiction, even. He thinks he's a genius, but is he going to be seen by a witness and then sit in a dining room? Weird.

The last issue I'll mention is that the DA didn't have any bodyguards, considering he was scared shitless, prone to drug use, and knows the Riddler is most likely after him.

Then there are little things that don't need to be mentioned, that are inconsequential to me or don't matter. For example, to give you an idea, the thing that he injected into his leg during the final fight. They probably should have set it up before, but it makes a lot of sense for him to have something like that. Whether it's adrenaline, super adrenaline or Bane's poison.

The last problem I will mention… this time it is the case, I promise. I don't know why the Riddler had to be imprisoned in Arkham at the end. If he wanted to be safe, it seems that there are many other places, where he would also be free. If he wanted to contact Batman, he could have left him his number to meet somewhere or something. A riddle, which only he could figure out.

There's a defense for that, but it seems weak to me: It was basically over, so going to jail wasn't important, it was the followers turn, right? It could work, but at no time does he give the impression that he is that kind of person, I believe more that he wants to be free to continue doing his things. Also, there are better places to relax.


Now, what I like, because yes, I swear, there are many things that I like and think they are good. The best without a doubt is the: “Open your eyes!” by Gordon. It's a meme I'll use for the rest of my life.

Now, this section is going to be even shorter that originally was, because a lot is about the Riddler, so, if you give a shit as to why I like him, go to his page and see my review of him there. Because he is the main reason I like the film.

Now, the rest.

I've never liked Batman, not really. I prefer Daredevil. I don't know exactly why, but it is the case. I don't dislike him, but I don't care either. Maybe it's the fact that he's so broken, with so many skills and tools; the money gives him a lot of advantage. I guess that's why it's better when his villains screw him intellectually, like the Riddler in this movie.

But this Batman is not a master of everything, he is not an expert in all the martial arts in the world, which is impossible even with all the money. He takes hits, he doesn't know things, and he's still learning what he should be. It is his arc in the movie, overcoming revenge to get to true heroism. Batman should not be an inspiration to commit terrorist acts, he should not be only fear. Yes, he has plot armor, but perfection is a tall order for Matt Reeves.

I would have liked them to explore more his code of not killing, his reasoning, because the one he has in Under the Hood is childish, understandable, but silly. But, it's only the first movie. I can wait.

I like the atmosphere, everything technical is excellent, that goes without saying, but the atmosphere is… uff. It's dark, dirty, cold and decadent, it's very immersive. It's a detective story, it fits the mood perfectly, and it's something you don't usually see in Batman movies. It is one of his character traits that I do like. I even like the internal monologue, as many of the detective stories have, especially the old ones. It is a good way to know the way he sees       himself. Those monologues have always seemed funny to me, but not here, it is a very serious film, it was difficult for me not to be totally immersed to be able notice things like that.

There are more things that I like, but I don't find it very interesting to talk about it, and the review is already getting long. I'll just say that I like what they did with his parents, his broken relationship with Alfred, the fact that Bruce is consumed by his alter ego, that Zoë Kravitz is a goddess and that she plays a beginner Catwoman who makes you care about her problems, that Pattinson does a good job and looks great as Batman; that his body looks realistically fit instead of super ripped; and that the fights are rough and that you can feel the weight of each blow, etc, etc.

The Penguin was cool.

The movie works. It has a good main character and good secondary characters, and a good theme, but in the end, the Riddler is the only thing that makes me passionate. More than anything it was him the reason I wrote this review.


A solid one.

It's a good movie, and you should see it.


PS: Matt Reeves looks like the actor who plays Riddler… Hum. Curious.

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Dark Age (#5 Red Rising Series)
Lysander is the worst and so many chapters for him. He did got better at the very end, but meh. I don't get the misery critique. It is the Dark Age! Everybody is unhappy! xD Ephraim really grew on me.
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Dark Age (#5 Red Rising Series)


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PCA posted a review of The Good Place

Good, but not The Better Place.

The concepts are much better that the overall quality of the comedy and some of the characters. After Parks and Rec Mike is not making laught that much. It keeps me smiling, but not laughing out loud. Few scenes like the first Mindy one do it for me, and Michael losing his mind in early s” read more

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Avatar: The Last Airbender
Episode 1: It was alright, I guess. Did not like that the earth-bender made a pain sound while making a rock wall. Dumb. And the changed of Aang's emotions when he leaves and gets caught on the storm. Da hell you mean "pretending to be friends" Aang? WTF Tone a bit too serious, almost zero comedy. Appa looks ridiculously good. Not the case for Momo. Episode 2: More fun. Kyoshi was cool and hot, some little backstory for her. Zokka's actor is pretty similar to the cartoon one, is cool. Not only some of the expressions, but the voice. Episode 3&4: Bit more boring, but some good scenes here and there. I understand the mixing of plots, but still, not a good idea. I dig the anger on Bumi, but not the rest, the test were pointless and stupid, and I did not undestand why Aang did any of it. And the fact that Bumi did not know he had spies on his city. Episode 5: That happened I guess, nothing to say but the Owl look good. Episode 6: Well, fuck me. I actually liked that one. It was alright that. What lead to it was bullshit, but.
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Lucy Liu
 Lucy Liu 7/10
5 days, 7 hours ago
Lucy Liu

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The White Lotus
Season 1: 6/10. A bit of a peculiar premise, doesn't sound particularly interesting, but they manage to make a fun and compelling story. It was fine, just fine.
5 days, 11 hours ago
Sacred Heart
 Sacred Heart 7/10
6 days, 8 hours ago
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Sun Giant EP
 Sun Giant EP 6/10
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So are there vibrators or what? Or is that a red level relic? I'm pretty sure the real reason why there are no elevators is because they were all supposed to develop spider powers but, could be another reason...
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Fleet Foxes
 Fleet Foxes 6/10
2 weeks, 4 days ago
Ben Whishaw
Ben Wishaw

3 weeks ago
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Ben Whishaw


Ben Wishaw
The Rapture


3 weeks ago
The Last Duel
 The Last Duel 7/10
3 weeks, 4 days ago
The Last Duel
It started muddy and confusing, skipping too much, jumping in weird moments like an epileptic editor was in charge. But it gets better and better, each chapter better that the previous. The acting was great and the POV storytelling was well done. I still feel it needed one more scene in a different POV. The duel itself was brutal and incredible. Really fun. I feel an 8, but that beginning is hard to watch and I would like more time with the characters.
3 weeks, 4 days ago
The X Files: Fight the Future

3 weeks, 5 days ago
Dot Lyon

3 weeks, 5 days ago
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Posted: 1 month, 3 weeks ago at Jan 3 14:15
I intend to see Gintama it during my course holidays.

it's not my kind of comedy, but I'll give it a chance.
Posted: 1 month, 3 weeks ago at Jan 2 19:29
I don't really like parties, before New Year's I was already dozy xD

It's annoying to get sick in these situations.
I hope you get well
Posted: 1 month, 3 weeks ago at Jan 1 18:25
Happy new year bro!
Posted: 9 months, 1 week ago at May 24 19:09
The final season of Gintama was bad?
Posted: 1 year ago at Feb 24 0:43
6/10 for Ping Pong ;-;
Posted: 1 year ago at Feb 18 20:31
You are more focused on listening albums?
Posted: 1 year, 1 month ago at Jan 27 15:39
Do stephen's other works have bizarre scenes like this one?
Posted: 1 year, 1 month ago at Jan 26 2:47
Yeah, very weird. I understand that within that context it fits, but it's still a bizarre scene. Maybe he tried to solve this in another way, in his mind. We will never know...
Posted: 1 year, 1 month ago at Jan 6 1:29
Good idea
Posted: 1 year, 1 month ago at Jan 4 22:04
Probably the same thing. But I will try to read a few more books.
Posted: 1 year, 1 month ago at Jan 2 23:21
Happy new year bro!
Posted: 1 year, 6 months ago at Aug 3 15:28
Posted: 1 year, 10 months ago at Apr 11 20:08
Yeah, the show is very disappointing! Especially from the fifth season onward.
Posted: 1 year, 11 months ago at Mar 31 15:56

Actualmente estoy trabajando en un nuevo proyecto y tal vez usted podría ayudarme.

Es bastante sencillo.

Sólo tienes que hacer clic en el enlace de abajo y proporcionar tus 10 películas favoritas.


¡Gracias de antemano! :)
Posted: 1 year, 11 months ago at Mar 6 6:00
Curiosas vistas tienes aquí, varias de las que desconocía los puse en pendientes. Eres muy interesante.
Posted: 2 years, 2 months ago at Dec 25 19:58
Merry Christmas!
Posted: 2 years, 11 months ago at Mar 9 14:51

Actualmente estoy trabajando en un nuevo proyecto y tal vez usted podría ayudarme.

Es bastante sencillo.

Sólo tienes que hacer clic en el enlace de abajo y proporcionar tus 10 películas favoritas.


¡Gracias de antemano! :)
Posted: 4 years, 1 month ago at Jan 21 19:28
mirenme, mirenme soy muy estricto!!!!
Posted: 4 years, 10 months ago at Apr 26 11:48
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