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The best of the DCEU is a bad film. Go figure.

Posted : 10 months ago on 28 April 2019 11:29 (A review of Wonder Woman)

English is not my native language so I apologized for the errors that are bound to exist.

Wonder Woman is still the best movie of the DC universe. Which is not saying much because they all suck.

This was originally written in November 26 of 2017. I just make some changes.

It doesn’t look horrible but it looks like PS2 graphics. Is just not that well made.

Careful with the green screen!

Slow motion scenes are overused and it don’t make sense that they used them when they did. It just looks silly.

The choreography is usually okay.

In general, it looks mediocre. Nothing impressive, nothing horrible, just… okay.

The plot is overly simplistic, just go kill the bad guy. Doesn’t construct anything, doesn’t try to go beyond, it stays in the comfort zone, and that’s lazy. Is just lazy. 

And commits one of the worst crimes, it has caricatures for villains. They are evil just because. 
The general is just a cunt and he dies like a bitch. He’s not scary, it doesn’t command respect, is not interesting at all.

What's the deal with the gas that makes him stronger? Why nobody else uses it? 
I mean, that way it would be easy to win the war if he gives it to its soldiers. At least a little bit. 
I guess it doesn't matter, doesn't work for him anyway. Diana kills him very easily. Boring.

At the end of the movie, Ares - who also sucks – dies and the Germans hug, they are no longer under the influence of Ares, they are good again. Because that is how shit goes down in wars.

The movie pisses in his own message, in the face, just like Germans like to do.

But is not a war movie right? It just has one… Lazy.

The secondary characters are stereotypical, they help I guess, but they don’t really matter. If they die, who cares?

Diana is nice, and strong and… nice. She is very naïve because of her upbringing and doesn’t learn shit about humanity nor develops as a person, she stays pretty much the same. She has some chemistry with her love interest whose name I don’t recall, is nice seeing them together. That´s why the relationship is not force like a rape, but isn’t exactly good either. They are the best thing of the film and they are not good. The thing is, every other character is shit.

It has some funny moments and the fish out of water thing was okay. 

The amazons are hot, they dress cool and they are a bunch of sexist, which I like in women.

This review is lazy, just like the movie.

This film s superficial. Is dumb. Is ridiculous and insulting.


I believed in love!

Fuck you!


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Not suitable for pregnant women.

Posted : 10 months ago on 28 April 2019 10:41 (A review of Rosemary's Baby)

English is not my native language so I apologized for the errors that are bound to exist.

One of the few scary movies that are good, really good.

First movie of Polanski that I've seen, and let me tell you, that rapist is talented.

Hey, if he makes movies like this he can touch some kids, it´s okay…

Is not particularly scary or something like that. I don’t get scared to begin with. But that’s has nothing against the good writing of the film. 

People get scared from different things. Is enough with the characters feeling the horror, I think.


Is slow, but a lot of thing happen. Every scene is relevant and every dialogue means something. It is always constructing the characters. 

It may not be trilling, but it is well writing.

You know what the danger is early in the movie, that could be wrong for most people, but I can argue that while it's not exactly better, it's just as good as a story where you do not know. There´s is a bomb under the table, but Rosemary is ignorant of it. You don’t know if she is going to notice in time, and you feel unsettled.

And yes, she starts bland, but she grows on you and you want her to be okay. It also helps that she is so pretty and fragile, of course.

And how smart is the danger!



Rosemary is a woman who doesn't have much control of her life. You know the danger, you see how she is being manipulated, you are aware that her husband is in the shit too. She is alone and defenseless. And you suffer.
And when she sees the reality, you know that no one is gonna believe her and that she is in the hands of the danger. And you suffer a little more.
You want to take a shit but it is too good to pause it and you suffer greatly.

The bomb was bound to explode. She being aware didn’t matter. And that makes the movie so fucking good. And sad.

The witches are smart, and subtle. “What does your hubby do?”, “You plan to have children?” In another movie those would have been innocent questions, but not here. Husband is an actor, but unsuccessful. And she is very fertile. Perfect for the plan.

Perhaps too perfect. And that is something that bugs me. Is not a big problem tho.

What a cunt the husband is, by the way. A monster! Let your wife suffer and give your firstborn to a bunch of old diapers wearing shit smelling witches just for a better career and a big lifestyle. Insensible, what a bast… I would do the same thing.

No, no, no. Kidding. I would never give my baby to witches. Somebody else’s, well… No! No. No. Well maybe… No. No.

Where was I?

Everything is part of the plan. Even Terry 's dead. They get just in time to see the body and get to know the future devil 's mama. And they don’t see very sad with her dead. So I agree that they kill her and make it look like a suicide.

Going back to Rosemary, I have problems. She does feel too innocent. Too much. Not reading the books and believing that her thinness was normal. And taking too goddamn long for the rational thing of looking for a second opinion. If the best doctor tells me that peeing blood is normal, and not gonna take it at face value.

It was obvious that doctor Hill was not going to believed her and she should have known. She should just tell him that people wanted to hurt her baby and leave the witch part. And why didn’t she go to the fucking police?

It may be the pressure of the situation, but she does act careful during the way to the doctor and smart during her scape after they bring her back to the apartment. 
So she CAN think. Is a problem, not that big of a deal but…

And in a personal note. This would have never work with me. Because I live under the reasonable idea that the people that surround me are capable of horrible things. Thank 's Tosh.

I would have suspected since the beginning!  

Anyway. Is a good film with a great ending. I do not know why they say it was a twist, I see it coming. But that’s not a problem, not really. 
You don’t need surprise for a good ending. One that culminates with the unstoppable realization, is great as well.

Great choice not to show the baby. Sometimes is better not to show. Let people used their imagination.


Fuck, that Japanese guy look so out of place. And the way he takes pictures. Hilarious.
Is also funny the chanting for Satan. Looks ridiculous. But maybe that’s the point. Satanism is dumb. Just like all religions.



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